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Trekking Tips for Elderly

Published 1st Jan, 1970

Let’s prove that age is no barrier to embracing the great outdoors.

No matter how many birthdays we celebrated, we all are always young by our heart. So getting old means an end to the fun and traveling? Definitely not! There are still many beautiful sites that you want to see and the Nepal is a one option for visit and explore with so many traveling and trekking options for elderly people. It’s a journey that invigorates the spirit and renews the soul, regardless of age. Nepal satiates every desire of travel enthusiasts at the highest level.

Imagine on the trail with trekking poles in hand with a twinkle of excitement in eyes, navigate the terrain with confidence, supporting one another through challenging sections, celebrating small victories along the way, the sense of accomplishment, the connection to nature and the joy of shared experiences. As reach the destination, faces illuminated by smiles that reflect a lifetime of memories. Just Imagine!

Some of the treks recommended for elderly people are:

•    Langtang Valley Trek
•    Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
•    Everest View Trek
•    Helambu Harmony Hike
•    Annapurna Vista Walk
•    Royal Trek
•    Other activities such as Mountain flight, Bhaktapur heritage hike, Nagarkot nature rumble, Jungle safari etc.

Consider to following the tips before heading up for traveling into foreign country:

o    Firstly research and plan your trip to inquire at trusted local travel agency
o    Visit your doctor
o    Ensured you packed wisely
o    Ensure your important document
o    Purchase comprehensive travel insurance, medicines and got medical insurance
o    Prebook accommodation wherever possible
o    Carry a charged cell phone with important contact num to stay connected
o    Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
o    Wear comfortable clothes.

Consider to following tips while you arrive in Nepal:

o    Take time to rest and acclimate to the new environment
o    Don’t eat unhealthy foods
o    Accept help from local people
o    Be mindful of uneven surfaces and obstacles
o    Ensure you have a reliable means of communication
o    If you need walking cane you can use
o    Be grateful for what you get rather than sad for what you missed.

Therefore, these are a few of our trekking tips for a elderly people who can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable start to their adventure.
As an elderly trekker, if you’ve explored Nepal’s trails and landscapes, I’d love hear your experiences. Your adventure could provide valuable inspiration for other peoples. If you’re plan customized family holidays in Nepal. We’re here to help! Let’s discuss your interest, preference and any specific requirement. Inquire us!

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