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Top 9 Things to Do in Kathmandu

Published 26th Mar, 2019

This article list the Top 9 Things to Do in Kathmandu valley

Kathmandu valley offers a variety of activities to the travellers, culturally and naturally. The valley has its own unique natural and cultural importance that makes it stand out with other popular cities in Nepal so far. We have tried our best to list out some of the top 9 things to do in Kathmandu valley, of Nepal.

So here are some of them described below:

Temple Tours in Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley is also called the city of temples”. Here are numerous temples, where you can visit, and enjoy the temple tours. Here, in the valley, you can also see how Hinduism and Buddhism, co-exist harmoniously in the Nepalese society. The some of the famous Hindus temple in the valley are Pashupatinath temple, Banglamukhi temple, Kaal Bhairav, Bhat Bhateni, Shankara, Mahankaal etc. Also the Buddhist shrine like Boudhanath temple and Swoyambhunath temple in the valley.

As walking through the valleys, you will likely to discover more temples with their values to the locals. Visiting the temples of Kathmandu is one of the best thing among the Top 9 Things to Do in Kathmandu.

Durbar Square Tour

Actually, Kathmandu valley owns three Durbar Squares:- Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Patan Durbar Square. All these durbars have its own unique art and culture to surprise you out. When walking through these Durbar squares, you will feel like, you have travelled centuries back in time. Sightseeing in Kathmandu valley to visit the historical palaces is another thing among the Top 9 Things to Do in Kathmandu.

Each Durbar squares holds it’s own history and tales. To explore more about its art and culture, of the place, you can also visit museums which are packed with information and historical statues and antiques. In Kathmandu Durbar Square, you can spot Kumari, the only living goddess of the world, peeking from her window.

Short Hiking

Kathmandu Valley also offers a variety of outdoor activities, and programs, as it is surrounded by the luscious green hills in all the sides, you can probably explore in the rich natural beauty of the outskirts of the valley.

The popular hikes around the valley are Nagarkot hike, Chisapani hike, Champa Devi hike, Nagarjuna hike, Chandragiri hike etc. You will enjoy the lifestyle of the people changes as you move away from the crowded city life. And you should not miss enjoying the spectacular sunset and the sunrise over the mountains while hiking through these beautiful hills but not so far from the city.

This is one of the best options for those, who love short hikes.

Everest Mountain Flight

The visit to Nepal but without an exciting Everest Mountain flight is a very bad idea. So why don’t you try it once? As the country Nepal is also called the countries of mountains, it is a golden opportunity to take a short Himalayan flight to view the world’s highest mountains. You will definitely enjoy the magnificent view from the window seat as you fly over the spectacular mountain region of the country. A one- hour mountain flight will definitely be an ideal thing to do when you cannot afford weeks to view Everest without any physical efforts.

Monasteries Visit

Kathmandu Valley has several monasteries which are centuries old, that holds great importance to the Nepalese culture with the beautiful status of Buddha.

There are various monasteries in Kathmandu and Patan which reflects Vajrayana Buddhism.

Kapan monasteries, White Gumba, Red Gumba etc are the famous monasteries of Kathmandu valley. Thus, the monastery visits offer the best scenic experiences and provide the ultimate peace away from the busy city.

Bazaar Visit

Bazaars in Kathmandu has got its own charms. The traditional, old bazaar sells every basic requirement to satisfy the needs of simple Nepalese life. The main bazaar in Kathmandu is Asan Bazaar and Mangal Bazaar. The special item of these bazaars is Pashmina shawl, thankas paintings, dancing dolls etc. It feels great to see, outstanding to visit and interesting to buy something in this bazaar.

Walking in Thamel

When you are in Kathmandu but hadn’t visited Thamel yet, then get ready to start to take a stroll in the vibrant streets of Thamel.

Here in the Thamel, you will come across various types of restaurants, shops, and thousands of signboards, which will definitely give you an idea about your next activity. Thamel also offers a variety of activities for you as per your tastes. Look around and you will find a lot of things imaginable, souvenirs shops, groceries, fancy restaurants and clubs, cheap tattoo parlour, spa, trekking and tour companies etc. It is so amazing especially at evening time.

Meditation and Yoga

Kathmandu also offers a great place to practice some yoga and meditation. Many monasteries, here offers courses on yoga and meditation. They may also give you some spiritual guidance. The yoga and meditation is a great opportunity for you to find spiritual peace in this materialistic world.

Relax and enjoy

Kathmandu is one of the popular city in Nepal. You can enjoy most of the luxuries in the world, distressed of travelling to the remote areas of Nepal. This is one of the ideal places to enjoy some multinational cuisine and relax in a spa or an in a dashing nightlife. Kathmandu provides a variety of hotels for accommodation, where you can enjoy the hot Kathmandu weather will a stroll near the pool or with relaxing massage in the spa.

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