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Top 3 Things to Know Before Trekking in Nepal

Published 13th Aug, 2018

Top 3 Things to Know Before Trekking in Nepal

For a traveler from developed countries, Nepal might be a full of surprises how the lifestyle regulates here and sometimes you might struggle to understand the situation if you don’t have Plan B. So here are couples of things we would like to share that you should know before trekking in Nepal.

Guide Service

Taking a guide service or booking from trekking agency is not mandatory in Nepal. However if you are traveling for a first time and don’t know much about geogaphy, lifestyle, traditions and the best way to trek in Nepal, then opting in for a trekking/travel agency could be your best move and smart one. A professional guide will help you and take care of everything from how to walk when trekking in nepal, types of gear you might need, backup medicines you should carry and all contact points to make your journey comfortable, smooth, enjoyable and even manage any emergency situations.

Toilet Facilities

As we know most of the people are concerned about toilet facilities when it comes to lodging and accommodation plan. So depending on the different trekking region and types of logistic support available around, you might not get the type and condition of toilet as you expected. Where is some trekking destination like Everest and Annapurna, you can have some standard toilet with hot shower and for the same region when it comes to high passes trekking, the situation is different. So it’s better to ask you trekking provider about the hotel/lodge they are providing and condition of toilet to avoid any surprises later.

Extra-Day Backup

Nepal is blessed with immense opportunities when it comes to tourism and for every traveler, it is highly recommended to have some extra days besides your exact booking package to experiences those activities that you don’t know til now, not included in packages or might not be interested now but can be one of the best memorable part of your journey. Something that might caught your attention could be paragliding, white water river rafting, luxury helicopter tour, mountain flight, short hiking, cycling trip around country side or even occasional festive tour/experience.

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