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Tips for Trekking in Nepal Himalayas

Published 15th Feb, 2019

Tips for Trekking in Nepal Himalayas

This article gives you useful tips for trekking in Nepal Himalayas. Here are some useful tips to make your trekking journey comfortable and memorable one.

Nepal is one of the most visited countries in the Asia because of the towering mountains and cultural sites. There are many bio-diversities in Nepal which are rarely found in the whole world. Nepal presents different sorts of touristic activities, mainly trekking in to the Himalayas and to the cultural tour are famous.

As we all know that many people come to Nepal to view the mesmerizing beauties of Nepal and to trek into its vast wilderness. But you should definitely know that if you want to enjoy your trek fully, you need to be well prepared for some major things before the trek. So, before packing your bag for your lifetime in Nepal, you need to be fully prepared for everything that might happen at the time during trek and staying there.
Here are some of the few trekking tips that you should have to look at before doing or launching yourself for a trek to Nepal. They are:

Choose a good and well Reputed Company

One of the first and foremost thing before planning your trek to Nepal is that, you must consider on choosing a good trekking company, which can provide you with all the necessities and services that you may needing during your trip. First of all, you should hire a better trekking company rather than a guide. It is so because, a good trekking company will definitely provide your permits, flights, book your tea houses, and guides for your convenience. And they will also rescues during some injuries, sickness and emergency by sending a helicopter for you. So, it is good to go to the trekking company before beginning your trek in Nepal.

Don’t rush it, take it slow and easy instead

It may sound an unfamiliar to do a trek in the high Himalayan of Nepal, but to be honest, it is actually good for you to have a very easy start and take it very slow during the whole trek. It is suggested to each and every trekker to move as easily as possible taking vary short steps during the trekking route. It may be dangerous for you so, keep yourself calm and trek with a slow pace and have a look around. You can find very much interesting things during the trek. So, just keep in your mind, unless your body is physically prepared and you know how to trek along the barren terrains of Nepal, do not rush it just simply have a slow hike up to the Himalayas.

Know your Trekking costs and Permits

You should never plan your trek without knowing your trekking costs and permits. As there might get you into trouble regarding your trekking routes. You will need a proper trekking permit to trek in Nepal. And so, if you know about the trekking cost then you can plan your trekking more effectively and efficiently. Trekking in Everest region is much cheaper than trekking in some of the other less trekked area like Mustang. It is so because of the variation of the costs of trekking costs and permits in this region. So, this is better to find out these things before planning a trek here in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Don’t buy things just rent them.

If you are an adventure seeker and you have already planned an awesome Himalayan trek in Nepal, then do not buy anything permanently until and unless it is actually needed to you. Actually, here in Nepal, you can mostly rent most of the things that you might need while on your stay or trip in Nepal. We all know very clearing that you are planning to stay here in Nepal for a few days, so there’s no need to permanently buy things like sleeping bag or tent. Thus you can just rent them. As you do buy them, it will just increase your own luggage for your return flight to your home destination. So, take a moment and just think about it again.

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