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Free Walk Around Kathmandu: Self-guided Tours in Kathmandu

Published 10th Feb, 2020

Free Walk Around Kathmandu: Self-guided Tours in Kathmandu

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Nepal is a land lock country located in the central part of South Asia and also itself located on the lap of a beautiful Himalaya region with an estimated population of 26.4 million. It’s 48th largest country by population and 98th largest by area. This heaven shows the diverse geography because of the fertile plain and subalpine forested hills. Parts of northern Nepal were intertwined with the culture of Tibet. The centrally located Kathmandu Valley is intertwined with the culture of Indo-Aryan. Here we have so many sites to see, foods to eat, activities to try. But everyone couldn’t get a chance to grab these all at once. But experience an only fraction of them would become possible.

And another noticeable string in this country is its people who are always ready to help everyone in need if anyone feels Nepalese people closely then literally they experienced as a test like a hot bowl of soup in rainy day. In Nepal, you could meet an amazing wildlife present region such as one-horned rhino and elephant too. Another ornament of this mount country is birthplace of Gautam Buddha and so many Buddhists temples.

The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu is also renowned as a district of Kathmandu where music and light are always pumping and shining on their own pace. Which make throughput of your travel day vibrant and more hectic. So which enables everyone feeling towards free walks would become more fantastic and remarking. That’s why many tourists who come to visit in Nepal at first he/she prepared for learning about free walks and its advantages in their travel diary. In thermal you could find a jumble of trekking shop with fake brand and souvenir shop in every corner of the city. If your walk-in Thamel in night time then he/she knowingly and unknowingly strike with so many incredible numbers of small hotel bar pub with a sports lounge, travelling and trekking shop .so this is the reason behind being trammel as one of the glowing tourists paradise of Nepal. However, while walking you could see so many crowed of people is interfaced with motorbikes this makes your mood a bit funny.

Within a certain walking distance, you reach the durbar square royal palace and dense newer people and their activities. Talking to Newari people and feel their life at lives is part of enthusiasms digging on their travel destination is even a passion for so many tourists.

At first, while entering into this zone, you don’t forget to keep the entrance slip with you. After paying entrance fee then you entered into this area with so many welcomed hands and souls. While visiting there you experienced as a best world heritage site in Kathmandu. If you book in every hotel there then you are facilitated by hotel privet guide who serves you for your every difficulty in your daily life schedule. at evening time if stay at top of any café restaurants or hotels you could see so mesmerizing view with the glowing shine of sow at Ganesh Himal. So many information about your travel dairy which may goto happen and situation you are going to bear is kindly provided by the hotel owner or the member of your authentic agency. So the tour starts from the garden of dream and ends at monkey temple. While walking in Thamel you’re every step are toned and scattered with ritual culture religion and remarkable dishes which is very popular in worlds on regards of Nepal is Mo: Mo.

This free walk makes you to more explore Kathmandu in a dynamic way and easy way and this trip make everyone feel free regardless of their budget. So free walks for tourists would become more dynamic aspect in discovering journey.

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