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Everest Base Camp Trekking in Autumn

Published 20th Jun, 2019

Everest Base Camp Trekking in Autumn

Everest Base Camp Trek in September, October and November

If you are desperately looking to trek to Everest Base Camp in the best possible season than the autumn season will your best choice. The season consists of the months of September, October and November. This season records a large number of trekkers in the Everest region.

Each and every trekker wants their treks to be best and in moderate climatic conditions. This is because trekking in mild temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. This is absolutely the weather, you get in this month of September, October and November.

The mountain views, during this season, are mesmerizing. This makes an awesome season for nature lover traveller and photography enthusiasts. Another major attraction of this season is that many beautiful and great festivals like Dashain and Tihar are celebrated. This will definitely help you understand and learn the culture and tradition of the Everest region and other places of the Himalayas that you will visit during your trek.

Thus the best season for trekking in Nepal is considered as Autumn and the most praised month because of compassionate weather situation of September, October and November.

Possibility to Trek in EBC in September, October and November

The weather in these months is the best season for trekking in Everest region, to see crystal clear mountain view of Mount Everest, Mount Amadablam, Mount Nuptse, Lhotse, and other many mountains. As the weather remains clear admit this time which offers sky views with fewer clouds, distant flora and fauna, and other fellow trekkers in this area. You will encounter so many tourists on the way to the Everest region.

The snow-capped mountains and snowy landscapes will outshine your excitement level of the mountain views. The temperature here remains moderate. But you need to be ready for any kind of uncertainty by focusing on the aspects like rainfall, icefall, snowfall, unpredicted weather change, natural calamities and so on.

If everything goes perfect with nature and environmental situation, you will be able to benefit yourself from the perfect Himalayan memories to store in mind and take it along with you throughout your lifetime.

Weather and Temperature of EBC in September, October and November

As autumn is the best season, which lasts from September to November, which provides the best environment for trekking. The skies are clear, the days are warm and nights are not as cold as other months. Even on the higher altitudes above 3000m, there is less variation in the temperature, so there is a little chance of snowfall.

The average temperature of the Everest during daytime in September is 15℃ and falls to the minimum of 2℃ during night time. The average temperature of Everest during daytime in October remains 25℃ and falls to -25℃ during the night. Similarly, the average temperature of Everest during daytime in November reaches its maximum temperature of 12℃ to 16℃ during daytime and minimum to -7℃ to 2℃ during the night time.

Main Attractions of EBC trek in September, October and November

Festive Season

During the autumn season, many important and great festivals are celebrated in Nepal and in the Everest region. This will make the place you visit perfect and colourful. This will be a great chance of understanding the Nepalese culture and tradition from the closest sight.

Dashain and Tihar

Dashain and Tihar are the two important festivals in Nepal celebrated in the month of October and November. Dashain is celebrated for 15 days while Tihar is celebrated for 5 days. These festivals artificial and candle lights are lit up making the place beautiful with lights and colours.

Indra Jatra

Indra Jatra is one of a unique festival that is celebrated in Kathmandu valley during the month of September. This is one of the distinct festivals celebrated by choosing a living goddess called, Kumari. The festival generally starts and ends at Kathmandu Durbar Square and this lasts for 8 days.

Great Climatic Conditions

The weather during the months of September, October and November is quite low, you won’t face any problems regarding climatic conditions in Autumn season. The days are hot and a little cold at night. The climatic conditions of the Autumn season are moderate.

Exploring the Culture

Festival like Mani Rimdu’s is celebrated in the month of October-November in the Everest region which lasts for 19 days, where ceremonies and mediation are conducted. This festival is passed on as a form of tradition from its mother monastery,  Rongbuk monastery of Tibet.

This festival gives a golden opportunity to interact with the people of this Everest region as many Tibetan Buddhists from all around come to this temple to celebrate this festival. This will give you knowledge of the culture of Tibetan Buddhists.

Awesome Mountain Views

During the month of Autumn, the cloud is quite low, which results in the clear skies that offer you a great view of the mountains of the Everest region. Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Cho Oyu are the mountains that cross the mark of 8000m. Similarly, other smaller mountain peaks of this region are Lobuche, Island Peak, Mera Peak, Pumori, Thamserku, Nuptse are seen during these months.


There is no season perfect for trekking in Everest region other than autumn. This is a season with a large touristic vibe, wonderful weather condition, beautiful festival, and charming views of Himalayas and mountains. If you want to get a true and best feel of why trek to Everest Base Camp is so popular, then come here in the autumn season to experience its rare beauty and see the Everest in all its grandeur.

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