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Everest Base Camp Trek in July

Published 18th Jun, 2019

Everest Base Camp Trek in July

Everest Base Camp Trek in July is less crowded and low flow of tourist found in the route. The Everest Base Camp trekking is one of the best and popular treks in the whole world that you had ever experience in your lifetime. This trek takes you away from city noises and people to provide you a perfect gratification.

Everest Base Camp like other trekking route has peak season, which sees thousands of trekkers. Here peak season last from March to May and from September to November. They promise of providing the best weather and views of Himalayas. Thus, the trek is slightly more adventurous and challenging, as the trekkers have been attempting into Everest Base Camp route even in the off season too. The off seasons are relatively quiet, as few numbers of trekkers prefer to trek during this season.

July is an off-season trekking month and is the beginning of summer monsoon. The months of July are relatively bright and sunny while evenings experience rain showers. The temperature falls down due to the rain. The temperature of July is a little humid and relatively mild even in the Himalayan Belt.

Since, it is a beginning of summer monsoon; there is only few numbers of people prefer to trek during this season. You will see very less number of people trekking to this Everest Base Camp Trek. Thus, you do not have to book your room in the teahouses in advance and you will be able to get full attention by the local tea houses and get better services.

Possibility to trek in Everest Base Camp during July

When you are fully determined about trekking to EBC during July, you have to be fully prepared to appearance the obstacles that you may come your way. During this season, rainfall may occur sometimes. Normally, weather is mild during this season, as daytime is hot while night is fairly cold.

If you choose to trek during this season, you will absolutely be in benefit as trekking trails and tea houses are minimum crowded. There is also high chance of random mountains views. So, it is better to start your trekking early in the morning, as you can enjoy greenery view of hills and mountains at their best.  Higher attitude above 4000m is dry, thus rainfall is occasional here.

This beautiful trek will leads to the most gorgeous place of the world i.e. Kala Patthar, which provides a compact view of the tallest mountain of the world.

Everest Base Camp weather and temperature in July

As July is the beginning of monsoon summer season, you will experience bright sunlight and warm sunny weather here. It is the wettest month in Nepal. However it rarely rains the whole day. Typically, it rains in the evening and at night time. It is warm at EBC. The temperature can go high up to 17℃ and can fall down to 2℃ at night.

It is not much affected by the monsoon month. The monsoons clouds troll in from the south so the Everest Base Camp experience a rain shadow effect. Thus, there are no worries about the rain. The rain clears out and weather finally leaves breathtaking mountain views alongside.

The temperature in July is mostly high despite of rainfalls, thus July is determined as a great month to trek. Walking towards EBC in isolation with a little cooperation on the wet trails is why a lot of people now chose to trek to EBC in July.

Tips to Trek in Everest Base Camp in July

As July is a tricky month as it is among the months that make the summer monsoon season. Here are a few tips before trekking to EBC in July.

  • Make a list of items that you will need on the journey before you start your packing.
  • It is better to begin your trek in the early morning as it usually rain in the evening time.
  • The weather is humid so make sure to wear light T-shirt and water proof jackets and pants.
  • It is very necessary to carry raincoat or umbrella with you.
  • As it is monsoon season, you will be prone to leaches, insects, snakes and mosquitoes in lower attitude. So you should carry anti-bug ointments and salt with you.
  • Do not use heavy shoes as it tends to get wet during rain. It’s better to wear light shoes or waterproof hiking shoes.
  • Carry at least one trekking pole.
  • Make sure to take all the medicines you will need in the trip.
  • Hiring a professional trekking guide and a porter is necessary.
  • Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the trek.
  • You must be aware of the symptoms of mountain altitude sickness and take necessary precautions

If you are trekking alone in EBC during July, make sure to hire a local tour guide as it is very risky to travel alone. In this summer monsoon season, there is a chance of landslides, which can affect your trekking trails.

Thus, you need to make sure, to take precautions and safety tips from your tour guide. You should also always remember to take updates from travel agency.


July the summer monsoon season is a warm and humid month with normal showers. It is one of the best times to trek to Everest Base Camp, if you want to experience more adventure. Most of the people avoid trekking in July due to leeches, rainfalls, slippery routes and landslides. You may experience rainfall almost every day in the month and mountain views will be hidden behind clouds during daytime.

Trekking trails will also be very muddy which is affected by monsoon. So, you should always prepare yourself according to situations. It is considered as one of the best time for trekking. You can easily find accommodation and likeness service for your trek. It is good choice to trek to EBC in July as it won’t rain much there even in monsoon season.

The trail to EBC is physically challenging throughout a year, So you need to prepare your body accordingly for the trek. So, offseason or not, July is a perfect month to be hiking to the foothills of the highest mountain in the world.

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