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Three High Passes and Everest Base Camp Trek

I did the Three Pass Trek including EBC and hat a great experience. My guide Ramesh was always very helpful and did his best to make me feel safe and comfortable all the time. I can very much recommend Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours.


Manaslu Circuit Trekking Tour

I had an amazing time in Nepal! Maybe one of my most impressing travel experiences! I spent three weeks there together with my family and our guide Rajan. We did the Manaslu Circuit and the Tsum Valley Tour. The view of the mountains were incredible and almost impossible to put into words. I enjoyed every day and found so much peace in this amazing nature. For sure I want to come back and I’m looking forward for more trekking tours in the mountains. I can recommend it for everyone who loves the nature and to seek discomfort. It’s not about being the fastest and to complete the tour in as less days as possible, it’s about finding your pace and your own way through the mountains and valleys. I’m thankful that we could do the Trekking tour together with our guide, we had an amazing support and could learn a lot about this different and special place. All in all, I’m so glad that I have done this tour!

Pia Line

Delving into the stunning beauty and remoteness of the Nar Phu Valley

I can highly recommend the Nar Phu Valley / Kang La Pass trek. It is located in a very remote part of the country close to the Tibetan border and only accessible by foot. It has lots of stunningly beautiful scenery to offer, you walk through majestic mountain ranges, high above deep river canyons (if you are afraid of heights it might bot be the right choice for you), see beautiful secluded monasteries and traditional stone house villages. My guide Rajan was really nice, helpful, and knowledgeable telling me a lot of interesting stories about the region and the people living there. He is very sensitive to the needs of people. You reside in very nice basic guesthouses, sitting around the fireplace for dinner with the most welcoming people. Even if you don‘t speak the same language you manage to connect on a very deep level. I have a lot of beautiful memories from this trip.


Immersive 3 Passes Trek experience with Ramesh and Team

Without giving much thought, we decided to do the 3 Passes trek 'post-pandemic' (though we'll never know when the next major wave is going to be!) and before we turned half a century-years old! Trekking in Nepal is not new to us, and although we knew that the 3 Passes trek is not an easy feat, we went ahead with the decision simply because the Himalayan ranges are really hard to resist! Ramesh, the owner of Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours, and our long-time guide-cum-friend has been urging us to take up this challenge and together, we worked out a well-paced itinerary that spanned 25 days, an immersive experience that allowed us to soak in the beauty of the Himalayan ranges at our own time rather than just checking a meaningless bucket list. Without a doubt, the 3 Passes trek has been the most challenging experience todate but our moans and groans paled in comparison to the beauty of nature that surrounded us throughout our trek. We did not follow the popular route but took a 12-hour jeep ride instead to Ringmo as our starting point. It may seem like wasted effort to many for us to hike through these villages when flights are readily available to Lukla, but no one can really put a price on the rich experience and the people we met along the way. It was also a great way to slowly acclimatize our way to the 5000m high passes and on the hindsight, it was a wise decision to make. Any treks would have its own challenges, but a good and experienced guide could ease one’s doubts and worries away. Ramesh has been the pillar of encouragement and he would not stop at anything to help us achieve our mission to cross the 3 Passes safely. His knowledge and familiarity with the trails, mountains, villages and the people made our experience richer and hearts full. He is very good-natured, calm, humble and sincere. I could be a little bias as I’ve known him for quite a long while, but he remained the same old Ramesh that I knew since being a guide to owning a trekking company. And lastly, a huge thank you to our porters who have each touched our lives in different ways. Very often not being recognised for the incredibly heavy loads that they carry, we appreciate your efforts tremendously. You made hiking seemed like a walk in the park! A special thank you to Barak Kumar, as it was a blessing to have known such a determined, strong, responsible, kind and humble porter. He was truly our superhuman porter! Ramesh, let's have dudha ciya when we meet next!


Everest Three Passes 2022

The mountains of Nepal are truly mesmerising and irresistible which was why we jumped at the idea of returning for yet another trek there. We have not trekked in the Everest region before yet we were not keen to just get to the Everest Base Camp. So, we decided to do the Three Passes trek, which is supposed to be fairly challenging. We, as we have always been, went with Ramesh and Nepal Holiday Treks/Tours. We have trekked with Ramesh before and were delighted that he will be our guide for this trek. We have full confidence in his decision making and suggestions. Ramesh is such a professional and we knew he would take every measure to ensure our trek will be successful one. There is no doubt that this is a challenging trek in so many ways and the challenges one faces are not just physical, but also mental. However the experiences and people you meet along the way, the diverse and breathtaking sights ,the local Nepalese made it such an enriching experience and it is difficult to put this into words. Simply magical. These wonderful thoughts and feelings of happiness will be with me, I dare say, forever. We completed this trek without any major hiccups and with a sense of achievement and elation. We were blessed with good weather and had a relatively problem free trek. Like most medium-long treks, we have had to make some changes to our plan and it was a blessing to have Ramesh with us. His knowledge of the conditions, the nature of the trek and surroundings are simply invaluable. He is always calm and good natured, all the time providing encouragement and confidence while finding solutions to any problems. On a more personal level, Ramesh is more than just our guide. He is a good friend and very much part of our group during the entire trek. The success of the trek and the wonderful experience would not have been possible without him and our wonderful porters who went beyond their usual duties to ensure a safe trek. A huge thank you to Ramesh and the team for organising this. We'd definitely have no hesitation to recommend Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours for their services. There are many trekking agencies around but quite often, a recommended agency is a safe bet to engage. The attention to details and careful planning with Ramesh is just second to none. You won't be disappointed !!


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