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It’s not new to arise questions in our mind when we intending to travel. But most of us forget to enjoy the trip while focusing on cost management. These are some questions that may arise before intending to travel. They are: Where do I want to go? How much it will cost? When to travel? What activities can I do? Where to stay? Is it safe and sound to travel? How can I make the most of my trip along with unforgettable experience? 

Above all choosing the right company for your out-of-doors adventure is most important for many reasons. Basically, your trip is going to involve seen and unseen risk. The possible risk may be natural like landslides, chilling winds in the mountains, difficulties at crossing slippery rivers, and driving on highways. So, while thinking of possible hazards the question may arise such as; Does the company have risk management protocols, How long have they been in business? Do they have good reviews? What is their reputation? What do their past guests say? 
Therefore, we are always here to serve you any time. We assure that we will do our best to make your trip safe, sound and exciting. Till now we are able to earn excellent reviews, trust, and confidence from our valuable clients. Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. always have the best guests! Thank you so much for your support and believe.

1) A clarify progress record with strong ratings
We are one of the top rated firms with high reputation and at conducting various trekking and adventurous activities. Each year we are attending numerous individuals on our tours. Similarly, we also have earned five-star reviews from our guests for serving, excellent trip experiences and fulfilling their expectations. You may read our online customer reviews by clicking here.

2) All- Inclusive Tours- Your satisfaction, Our Happiness
 The first priority of Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. is to make your trip as enjoyable and burden less. So, it’s our responsibility to provide meals, gear, snacks, local transportation, permits/ reservations, taxes, or anything else. You don’t have to worry, just relax and enjoy the trip and capture sweet memories as much as you can during the whole trek.

3) Adventure specialists for small groups
Our hiking and backpacking are usually in small groups. This implies that properly instructed with personalized attention and care. We assure that you are in safe hand.

4) Experienced, Trained, Local Guides 
We always hire the guides who are technically competent and have keen knowledge in safety performance. They always carry essential safety equipments, gear, and the first aid kids. They help to turn a tedious experience into a memorable, life- changing adventure.

5) Organic and Healthy food –Delicious Nepali meals
 The Nepalese meals are simple, but delicious and hygienic too. In Nepal trip you can try Gundruk and dhindo, Sel roti, Nepalese curd, Thakali khana and Momo, Dal Bhat, mixed vegetable curry, and pickle and so on. The other options include fried rice, pizza, pasta, French fries, momo, noodles, spaghetti etc. 
Our menus are completely based on the group’s needs and preferences. If you are vegetarian/ vegan, gluten or lactose free, we are able to work around that if you let us know ahead of time. 

6) Manage Local Trip- A welcoming outdoor care
Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd always maintain a local base of operations with a manager, team leader, and other personnel on hand to assist activities in the field. As a result, we can provide Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours- approved tours while maintaining the unique, intimate nature of a smaller, local firm.

7) Reliable- trustworthy-reputed with whole risk management
Our guides are all qualified, friendly, licensed holder including insurance, and each one carries a field-issued first aid kids, a satellite phone and a detailed set of medical protocols. Similarly, when a new guide is hired he/she should go through extensive training before deployed to clients. Moreover, we regularly monitor their performance through post- trip assessments and debriefs.   This is to guarantee that they fulfill our quality standards.

8) Quick and satisfied customer service
We have educated and humble adventure consultants ready to help you discover the ideal trip and prepare for it. They are all seasoned hikers and tourists (many of them are guides), so the information they share is accurate and authentic. Notably, we are accessible every day of the weeks, so you can get all the time services. Please if you have any queries share with us whenever it is convenient for you.

9) Numerous trip selections- thrilling to adventurous
Our tour includes moderate hiking and backpacking, off-trail back packing experience, as well as inn-based and base camp hiking holidays. Our location includes the great Annapurna base camp, snow- capped Mt. Everest expeditions, and others. This variety allows you to observe the world's eye-catching landscapes in a number of ways and at different points in your life. We hope you'll fully enjoy and capture them all.

10) 10% off for regular guests- unique value benefit
Planning second time journey with us provide you a life time family membership. You, your spouse, and your children will receive a 10% discount on any future Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours Pvt.Ltd. trip. Furthermore, you must book directly with us to enjoy this service and get some discount.

11) We accept last minute booking
Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours Pvt. Ltd. understand that sometimes plans changes unexpectedly or travelers may need to make last- minute arrangements. Therefore, we are committed to accommodating last- minute bookings whenever possible, subject to availability. Contact us to discuss your travel needs, our travel agency is here to help and assist you with your last- minute booking.

12) No booking fees as a travel agency
We believe that everyone should have access to high quality travel experience, regardless of their financial situation. We are here to help you to find the best choices (budget friendly trip or luxury vacation) to fit your needs and preferences.

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