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Bungee Jumping Tour in Nepal

Most of the adventure lovers and those who have already attempted a bungee jumping before must have been tired with the artificial bungee Jumps but talking about Bungee Jumping tour we have provided; it offers a completely new adventure and thrill. A jump of a lifetime; jumping through the suspension bridge from the height of 160 meters is something a adventure and the lover of thrill will dare to attempt. We are providing a complete package for your convenience and to add maximum thrill to your adventure journey.

The exact bungee jumping point is situated at 160 meters tall suspension bridge of steel which is over the hard flowing and wild Bhotekoshi River with giant stones. You will be swinging over the mighty river for about 2 to 3 minutes with a rope specially designed by the Swiss people for Bungee. A guaranteed safety is provided before the commitment of the jump as the rope is guaranteed for 100 falls and they do not use the rope for more than 99 falls. The bungee jumping destination is designed by the expert foreigners for the maximization of your safety along with the thrill. We are commitment towards the value of your desire and needs and your tie up with us.

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