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Kathmandu to Lukla sharing Helicopter cost

Best Price
Price starting from $550
US $ 500 per person
1 days
Max. Elevation
Group size
By helicopter 
Best Season
(March, April, May) and (September, October and November)
Starts at/ Ends at
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    • The helicopter ride offer eye - catching aerial views of the Himalayan mountain range, lush valleys, and beautiful villages
    • Great opportunity to connect with fellow trekkers and share stories
    • Chance to flying over the rugged terrain of Nepal 
    • Opportunity to capture incredible shots of the Himalayan peaks, diverse landscapes, and the distinctive Lukla airstrip
    • The ride provides a glimpse of the rural villages and local life of the region
    • Useful for travelers seeking a more comfortable journey and have limited time
    • The flight takes around 45 minutes


Kathmandu to Lukla to Kathmandu by helicopter (sharing)

Nepal holiday treks and tours Pvt. Ltd. provide helicopter flight service from Kathmandu to Lukla to Kathmandu on sharing basis which includes maximum 5 passengers in a flight. It is beneficial for the trekkers who are bounded by time and want instant service.

Helicopter flight is considered one of the best ways to travel from Kathmandu to Lukla to Kathmandu due to several benefits:

1) Scenic flight

The journey provides impressive aerial views of the Himalayan landscapes without any physical challenges of trekking. You can witness the glimpse of the majestic mountains, rivers, deep valleys, and beautiful villages. It’s a memorable experience that offers an opportunity to explore the eye- catching beauty of the region.

2) Safety

Lukla’s airport considered one of the dangerous and challenging places in the world for aircraft operations. Over years, they have made many improvements and only very experienced pilots are allowed to land. Generally, helicopters are more adaptable to adverse weather condition because they have better maneuverability. Therefore, helicopters can be very crucial for safety in the mountainous terrain.  

3) Time saving

The flight duration from Kathmandu to Lukla is relatively short compared to several days of trekking. Depending upon the weather, it takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach at your destination (Kathmandu to Lukla). Therefore, helicopters flights are much faster than trekking or taking a fixed – wing plane.

4) Comfort

Helicopter flight option is more expansive compared to other modes of transportation (trekking and small fixed – wing planes). However, it offer a higher level of comfort and relatively smooth ride as helicopters typically have more spacious cabin and better seating arrangements.  

5) Accessibility

Lukla’s airport is one of the most challenging and dangerous airports in the world, due to its short and sloped runway. There are more difficulties of successfully landing of Fixed – wing planes than helicopters. That’s why many prefer helicopters ride as it can land in more confined spaces, allowing for easier access to Lukla’s airport.

6) Flexibility

The scheduling of flights is more flexible in terms of helicopter flights. So, the flights can operate on both chartered and demand basis according to the passengers specific time constraints or itineraries. 

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