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Mustang And Dolpo Trekking Region

Mustang And Dolpo Trekking Region

Mustang and Dolpo Region

Mustang and Dolpo regions are two of the preserved and almost unexploited regions in the Himalayas of Nepal that provide exhilarating trekking experience to trekkers from all around the world. Mustang is one of the seventy-five districts whereas Dolpo is the upper part of Dolpa district of Nepal. Some of the popular treks in Mustang region are Upper Mustang Trekking, Lower Mustang Trekking, Jomsom Muktinath Trek, etc whereas the popular treks in Dolpo region are Upper Dolpo Trekking and Lower Dolpo Trekking. Mustang and Dolpo region trekking is also popular trek traversing both regions.

Mustang region

The word ‘Mustang’ is derived from Tibetan ‘Montag’ which simply means fertile plain. Mustang has exceptional landscapes with amazing rocky cliffs, barren hills and mountainous beauty. Trekking in Mustang region is being considered by many trekkers these days. For trekking in this region, most of the trekkers start from Jomsom which is the headquarters of Mustang district. The northern two-thirds of Mustang district is called Upper Mustang and this is the region which still remains well preserved and unexploited. The Upper Mustang region is more Tibetan than Tibet in a sense that people are still speaking traditional Tibetan language and following old Tibetan culture, tradition and trade. The reason for Upper Mustang to be one of the most preserved regions in the world till date is that the region was restricted demilitarised area until 1992. The southern third part of Mustang district is called Thak and mainly inhabited by the Thakali community. Trekking trail in the region takes trekkers to various natural sceneries, picturesque villages like Kagbeni and sacred sites like Muktinath. Trekking in such isolated region from the outside world can be a lifetime experience for anyone.

Dolpo region

Dolpo is another Tibetan region located in the upper part of Dolpa district in the Himalayas of Nepal. Dolpo region, one of the hidden treasures of Nepal is least exposed for trekking. Lying in the north-western part of Nepal, this region is yet to be explored by many trekkers. The part of this region is well protected by Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park in Nepal. Reaching Upper Dolpo is not easy and the trek is strenuous. Trekking in this region gives an opportunity to get deep insights into Tibetan culture and tradition. Dolpo region is different to lush, green hilly region everywhere in the country and it resembles Tibetan plateau. Dolpo is considered paradise unexplored by many. Trekking in such mysterious region can provide euphoric and challenging experience to anyone.

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