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Nepal is a wonderful country which lies in between China and India. This is a landlocked country even though there are many opportunities to develop the tourism industry in Nepal. We have everything except the sea. It is a god gifted country. There are many alternatives of Nepal trekking because there are almost highest mountains of the world i.e. Mt Everest, Mt. Makalu, Fishtail, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Ganesh Himal, Mt Gauri Sankar, Langtang, Mt. Lhotse, Annapurna and other many lowest gorgeous peak.

Nepal is a rich country of Natural resources as well as water resources. There are many fast-flowing rivers in Nepal which directly and indirectly attracting to the tourist. There is lots of possibility of rafting, kayaking, boating, fishing, Camping etc. Nepal is popular not only by natural resource because of diversifying culture, language, and different kinds of historical and ancient places. We are proud to be Nepali.

The Nepal trekking is most popular because of the highest peak of the world Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, as well as the birthplace of Lord Buddha. There are many Nepal trekking trails to attract tourist like mustang and Dolpo region, Everest region,  Kanchenjunga Region, Langtang region,  Manaslu region etc. Also, we have many peaks to climb Lobuche peak, Yala Peak, Mera Peak, Island Peak and Pisang Peak. The monkey temple” Swayambunath”, Spiritual place Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Durbar, the living God “Kumari”, Bouddha Stupa etc are the gift of our ancient.

We are operating almost Nepal trekking and tours activities like rafting, paragliding, helicopter tours, peak climbing, and expedition etc. Nepal trekking is the best alternative for the trekkers who want to spend time with the scenic beauty of nature. We will give you the freedom to customise your trip. Just you need to inform us of remaining other works we will conduct. The moderate types of Nepal trekking activities are operating by us. “Nepal Holiday Treks & Tours” family was happy to share our ideas to customise your trip to Nepal.

Whatever, you choose, the whole trip of your Nepal trekking will be passing through scenic nature, spectacular Himalayan, animals etc. Therefore, Nepal trekking gives you chance to enjoy your every moment of trekking to explore different types of the highest peak of the world, people and their unique culture as well as unique language with unique dress up, wild animals, birds, rites, and rituals as well exotic nature including flora and fauna.

Best Season to Trek in Nepal

Nepal is a year-round destination, to hike as the weather varies throughout the year. It fascinates you, with a variety of climates as the country has favorable temperatures. But most the trekkers choose between the peak hiking season of autumn and spring. Whereas some also choose winter and Summer for better discovering city sights.

Summer in Nepal

The summer season lasts from June to September. Summer is a good time to explore the cities. It is the hottest season in Nepal. Hot but dry days are more comfortable than those of Monsoon days which are hot and humid. Autumn begins with the end of the Monsoon. Summer is the monsoon season and brings hot, humid weather, with most trekking areas seeing cloudy skies and rain.

Autumn in Nepal

This is the most popular trekking season in Nepal which starts from September to November, the whole country welcomes autumn. The weather is hot and wet at times. It rains almost every day with occasional thunderstorms in the evening. During this time you’ll have the best chance for clear mountain views, sunny skies, and mild temperatures. The rain spreads the pleasantness around with lush green vegetation. This is the best tourist season in Nepal with the summer gone by and the winter to set in. Since the weather conditions are at their best, the crowds are at their peak as well. Autumn has the big festivals like Dashain (October) and Tihar (November) also.

Winter in Nepal

The winter in Nepal begins from December to February. In this month it tends to be mild in the daytime but becomes very cold at night. January is the coldest month of the year. The snow falls sometimes in the mid of the month. The Snowfall is common in the Himalayan and upper hilly region of the country. Treks in the lower Himalayan foothills are perfect in winter, and so are the jungles of Chitwan and Bardia in the south of Nepal.

Spring Season

Spring season is the second-best season for trekking in Nepal after autumn season which begins from March to May. This season is popular for trekking in Nepal, as temperatures climb steadily and the weather tends to be more stable. The snowcapped mountains peaks melt and rhododendron trees bloom all around hillsides areas during this time. Trails are more crowed, however, the skies are hazy at this time. Spring brings great festivals like Holi in March and Nepalese New year in April. It is also a wonderful time of year to spot wildlife and forest start to spread its greenery along the trekking path making spring season-best time to visit for nature lover trekkers.

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