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Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mountain flight is one of the easier ways to see the Nepali Himalayan peaks. Most of the flights are in the mornings and operate at all times except at the time of Monsoon seasons of June, July and August. Air planes fly along the Himalayan range and also beyond for passengers to get a very good scenic view of the Himalayan range. All the domestic airlines of Nepal also recommend various forms of mountain flights.

The flight that takes you within the camera range of some of the highest peaks of the world and cruising this very close to the remarkable massifs of rock and ice is an awesome experience. A few domestic airlines offer mountain flight from Kathmandu to view the Mount Everest. This unique experience gives visitors a quick and wonderful momentary look at Nepal’s natural landscapes and a fly – pass through the world’s tallest peak.

The aircraft takes off and heads towards eastward and almost instantaneously the peaks come into view. The first peak that appeared on your prospect is the majestic Gosaithan, ranking at a height of 8013 m, Dorje Lhakpa at the height of 6966m appears to its right, facing like a massive figure of eight lying horizontal covered in snow. And also Phurbi Chyachu, to its right, which looms over the beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

Taking a mountain flight is one of the most thrilling things you can do in Nepal, which can be easily arranged, so you can go eye-to-eye with Mt. Everest and world’s highest peaks within some few minutes. As Nepal is the home to the greatest range of mountains in the world and understandable many visitors come to Nepal to see them from the very close view.

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