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Health Problems and Medicine

Trekking in Nepal is a very pleasurable form of activity which allows trekkers to travel in beautiful valleys with incredible views of snow-capped mountains while learning about the cultural diversity of ethnic communities living alongside their trek routes. However, trekkers need to remain wary about their health condition and safety during their entire trek as accidents can happen anytime without any prior warnings. So, you must consider about Health Problems which you may have to face.

If you have a fit physical condition with a hunger for adventure then Nepal has a lot of various trekking destinations which can be a challenging experience for them. Consider carrying a basic first-aid-kit which can be bought at low price anywhere in a medical shop as a first step to prioritizing your health and safety. But it won’t save you if you have any kind of internal injuries so be very wary about where you trek. Along with that, do consider purchasing some medicines to help you fight your illness if it were to happen. Make sure to carry a variety of clothing’s for diverse weather conditions, drink enough amount of pure drinking water, use hand sanitizer when possible to disinfect your hands prior to eating your food and if you want to prevent sun burns then do carry a sunscreen and a hat with you. Look, these are basic things which should be taken into notice by trekkers themselves but if they become careless then it might hamper their health in the long run. So, it’s better to be prepared than to be sorry later.

Additionally, trekkers who are planning to trek in high altitudes above the range of 3,000 meters above sea level then they are requested to learn about High Altitude Sickness which can be a major factor to determine the end result of their entire trek. Some other things to keep in mind is that one should always trek with a local expert trekking guide with years of experience to help you overcome several hurdles and navigate your trail till the end. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol during your trip as they can degrade your health and make you less fit for your travel the next day.

Some medical accessories to carry with you:

Thermometer Antibiotics and Diamox
Water purification tablets Eye drops and antacid tablets
Plaster /band-aids Sun block lotions
Moleskin/second skin for blister Antiseptic ointment for cuts
Anti-bacterial throat lozenges (with antiseptics) Aspirin
Oral rehydration salts Insect repellent

Take your time to prepare yourself both physically & mentally and when you’re ready come visit Nepal as things are bound to run smoothly when you’re prepared better for your trip.

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