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12 Great Adventurous Things You Must Do In Nepal

Published 23rd Dec, 2018

12 Great Adventurous Things must do in Nepal

Nepal is a country truly blessed with unlimited natural resources and natural beauties. The country Nepal might sound familiar to the world as it is a south Asian country. It is the country of Mount Everest. It is the birth place of lord Gautam Buddha.

Nepal does provide a perfect option for people of all background. They can provide a numerous opportunities with adventures to cherish for a life time experiences. There are unlimited adventures things to tried in Nepal. If your hobby is travelling and are looking for some thrilling activities, you should definitely travel to Nepal at least once in your life.

  1. Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is blessed with the geographical variation, weather and temperature. From the hottest Terai regions to the coldest Himalayas, you can enjoy the variety of climate and weather.

Among the 10 highest peaks of the world Nepal occupies 8 peaks among them, so this can lead to the best adventure one could have is trekking in Nepal.

There are unlimited options that would demand from a single day to month to complete. The cities of the country here, provides you a warm welcome with its rich culture, art and architecture. Whereas, the villages portion of Nepal facilitates you the captivating natural beauties. Here you can also get chances to observe the traditions and hospitality of the ethnic people. You can here walk through the lush green pasture and terraced fields. You should go through the thick forests, where some of the rare and unique wildlife would come into appearance. In all you get to enjoy the combination of nature and culture, and traditions and wildlife on the same trip.

You will feel great in the most unexpected places that will you take in every step of the trek. For making this trek best, you need to challenge your physical limits and push your way to the destination with viewing snow – capped peaks, lakes, glaciers , monasteries and monuments.

The trek can either be in the base camps of the highest peaks or be in the lush and green hills of the Himalayan regions, you should set a courage’s and memorable adventures.

  1. Bungee Jump

Bungy Jump in Nepal
Bungee Jump in Nepal

Bungee jump is another adventure in Nepal. There are only two spots for a bungee jump, the more popular one is the Last resort and the other bungee jump is available in Pokhara also.

The Last resort is a few kilometers away from the city. The jump is a breath- taking moments for a few minutes. Once you stand at the edge of a bridge above the Bhote Koshi River. And the next you experience the longest free- fall of your life as you make your way down to the river.

Here you jump from the height of 3600 ft to experience 10 m free – fall which is one of the highest natural jump in 160 m deep canyon. You will jump with the friendly instructors and the safety equipment and procedures. Although you get a terrifying experience, it is safe.

  1. Rafting

rafting in Nepal
Rafting Adventure in Nepal.

If walking or free falling doesn’t give you the perfect meaning of adventure then why don’t you give a try out the splashing , waving , twisting and turning sport of rafting. The Nepali rivers flowing from the Himalayas with great speed and power are the best option for rafting. The rivers flowing directly down from the mountains provide the best rapids with many twists and turns. The river water ensures you a thrilling experience with perfect adventure happening. You will enjoy rafting in the cool rivers.

  1. Canyoning

Canyoning in nepal
Canyoning in nepal.

Canyoning is an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the last prohibited places in the Himalayas area. We’re pioneers of canyoning in Nepal. Trips range from tentative walks to some of Nepal’s most excessive canyoning.

If you are a water sports lover then don’t miss the chance to try canyoning at least once in your life. You can do it on route to Chitwan National Park or Pokhara. You can do it in the different natural water ponds, splendid waterfalls, rock slides and jumping rocks. Once you complete, you fall into the clear turquoise ponds. Climbing through the slippery rocks, you will allow yourself to have a complete mind-body coordinating understanding with adventurous alongside.

  1. Jungle Safari

Chitwan jungle safari nepal
Jungle Safari in Chitwan.

One such safari is a Jungle Safari. Jungle Safari can also be defined as a forest trail where instead of walking, hiking or trekking, you can also have the options of exploring the forest regions via jeep, elephant, or horse. Jungle safari not just involves exploring the jungles of a particular region.

A jungle safari might not seem to be an adventure at first. But,

After a while you have the wildest experience of your life. Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the best places in Nepal to relax and enjoy the tropical climate, greenery and wild lives. These National park have many rare and unique wildlife and plants under protection.

The jungle safari is an opportunity to witness the rare one – horned rhinoceros, leopards, tigers and other alien animals chilling in their natural habitat while riding an elephant. This experience of witnessing the animals in the wild, not controlled by the bars of the zoo is an exciting and wild experience.

  1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in nepal
Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing is one of the exciting and fun adventure sports in Nepal. Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. Many natural rock faces in majestic settings make rock climbing possible in Nepal. Nepal offers a wide range of climbing sites for all groups, including from beginners to intermediate and professional rock climbers.

The cliffs of Nepal offer some terrifying spots for a cliff hanger experience. They challenge your physical and mental resistance. The main goal is to reach to the summit of the end point of the rocks without falling. It can be a dangerous activity, where knowledge of proper climbing techniques and use of specialized climbing equipment is needed for the safe completion of rock climbing.

  1. Paragliding

Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours Paragliding
Paragliding In Pokhara.

Have you ever though how it feels to be free to fly like a bird to view the earth down, the charming highest peaks, beautiful lakes, rivers, forests and many more.

If you are really in search of freedom to fly and break the boredom of your life, then you have a chance to fly like a bird, then Paragliding gives you this sorts of life log experience. You can see the beautiful and amazing landscape of Nepal while gliding so far above.

Actually many people are under the impression that paragliding is jumping of mountains with a parachute with a para sail. The para glider pilots fly off the mountains. The length of flight will depend on the take- off height. Taking off a 400 meter high mountain will normally give you a flight time of between 5 and 10 minutes. Thus it is an amazing adventure.

  1. Zip flyer

If you want to fly more like glide from the highest spot to the lowest plains, then Zip flyer is the perfect option to experience the thrill of adventure. It is one of the popular adventure in Pokhara which starts from Sarangkot and ends at Hemmja. It is the longest and the most exciting zip flyer throughout the world covering a distance of 1860 meters. First of all it starts at a height of 1625 m and you end up at 960 m.

You will absorb the captivating views of the various Mountains like Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Manchhapuchrea (Fish tail), Lamjung Himal etc. The entire panoramic view of Pokhara valley with its beautiful lakes and other treasure beauties cannot be skipped out at all.

  1. Everest Sky dive

Everest the highest point on the Earth also offers the skydiving. Even the title had already suggests the most tremendous and weird experience of the craziest sport.

You can enjoy the flight higher than the highest peaks in an airplane at the feet of 29500. Then you fly down to the landing site at either Syangboche airport or Amadablam Base Camp. It is much thrill during free- fall after you gain such height.

The views of the Everest region with the breathtaking mountain views and the Sherpa settlements below makes this a life long experience.

The best part of the dive is that you can go solo or either do it with a loved one. Besides doing some adventure these are options for recognizing one’s capacity to challenge the fear of life also.

  1. Mountain Photography

Nepal is a beautiful, amazing and interesting country which is rich in its culture, topography and natural assets. It includes trekking to the highest of peaks, going down to the lowest gorges, lakes, and rivers. For those who are fond of taking photography, it is a great opportunity for fulfilling their passions. Finding the perfect scene at the perfect moment so that you can capture it for the rest of time is the one and only work to do in the photography session.

Throughout the trek, one can observe the rarest and most beautiful, alien wildlife, plants, birds and butterflies which are also a wealth to the entire world. The people here will captivate you with their traditional, lifestyles, unique cultures, friendly behaviors and hospitality. The mountains will give a pose for the photograph session with a full smile alongside. Apart from that, you will absolutely wanting to capture the sunsets and sunrises in the mountains with the clear night skies.

  1. Mountain Biking

Nepal Mountain Biking.
Nepal Mountain Biking.

Mountain Biking is another popular adventures for those who are fond of biking and mountain biking. The people take their physical limits up a notch try out the mountain biking in Nepal with the diverse terrain. You can do biking on a clean graveled road to bumpy rough roads. Many biking routes are present in different cities from easy to tough trails.

Biking through the valleys, from rivers to steep hills and rough dry mountains is amazing. You can enjoy the views of cherished mountains and greenery beauties in the way. It is much adventurous activity which is mixed with the natural beauties with culture. Besides you can also test the physical and mental limits to give you a refreshing adventure.

  1. Mountain flights

If you have a desire to witness the highest summit in the world but you do not have the time to do so on by your own foot, then the Mountain Flights is the best option for you. There are many flights available to take you to the Himalayas. They allow you to witness the natural wonders of the world from the closest distance.

The flight takes you through hills, above lakes, rivers, and forests to witness the view Nepal.

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